Radley Cross Vegetables

We only grow the best. We trial varieties for flavour and suitability before deciding on a  commercial crop. The green garlic is superb with a wonderful juicy subtle flavour that really makes it special. Try the Pink Fir Apple potatoes, they are really the most flavoursome of all. They are the best salad potato, hot or cold, that money can buy.

This year we are concentrating more on autumn vegetables including a large range of squashes,  roots and greens.  



Pink Jerusalem Artichokes

We grow a variety called Gerrard, which is, unusually, pink skinned. They have a much smoother rounder surface than the white ones which makes them much easier for peeling and crucially they make a great wind break for the flowers.

Green Garlic

A favourite with all true food connoisseurs. Available only seasonally but make sure you grab it when you see it. They have a much more subtle flavour than dried garlic and can be used whole to really enhance a dish. Try Penny`s excellent chicken recipe with green garlic.

Dried Garlic

Dried Garlic

Not usually grown in North Devon because of the climate but the results are quite surprising. The slow natural air drying gives them an amazing juicyness which you wont find with imported bulbs. They last well into the new year and make a great kitchen decoration when plaited.

Hot smoked garlic

Hot Smoked Garlic

This is an absolutely unique product. Instead of the usual cold smoking that does little more than waft smoke around the edges, we hot smoke intensely which really gives a wonderful smokey sweet flavour that penetrates right to the heart of the bulb. Stunning in soups, mayonnaise, stir fries or simply place on the kitchen worktop for mouth watering aromas.

Pink Fir Apple Potato

Long oval tubers with pink skin and yellow flesh. Low yields of uneven tubers. Waxy flesh. The ultimate salad potato. New potato flavour retained over long period.

Charlotte Potato

Long oval, shallow eyed with yellow skin and flesh. Good yield with large tubers for salad variety. An excellent waxy salad variety with all round good cooking quality.

Winter Squash

We will be growing the following varieties in 2012. They will be available from October onwards.

High Sugar Squash Harlequin F1
Green striped acorn squash with exceptionally sweet flesh. Approx 750g fruits.

Hasta la Pasta
Spaghetti marrow type that has a very attractive skin finish of pale yellow with thin green stripes. Fruits average 1.5kg and the plants produce a good amount of fruits. Performs well even in cooler seasons.

Crown Prince F1
Renowned for its eating qualities, Crown Prince is an attractive steel grey squash. Large fruit weighing approx 4kg with very deep orange flesh and long storage potential.

Butternut Autumn Crown F1
A brand new type of winter squash, Autumn Crown produces an abundance of attractive early maturing butternut-coloured scalloped fruits each weighing around 2 Kg from reduced vines. The long-storing fruits have a unique 'sweet melon aroma' when cut and the flesh is deep orange with a small seed cavity

Sunspot F1
1 to 1.5kg bright red fruited variety with deep orange flesh and good eating qualities. Very attractive and eye catching.

Gem Squash Rolet
Dark green skinned cricket ball size fruits. This early maturing popular South African squash is a very heavy cropper.

Vegetables availability


vegetable growing list 2015                                                                availability

artichoke ( jerusalem) pink                                                                    late sept onwards
beetroot ( choggia, pablo, golden)                                                        late may to october
borecole ( redbor, winterbor)                                                                 sept to dec                     
broad bean ( sutton, witkiem manita )                                                   may to august
brocoli ( red spear, white eye)                                                               nov /dec
brussel sprout ( helemus, igor)                                                              nov /dec
dwarf french bean ( safari, belotto supremo, hildora)                            july/ august
basil ( crimson king)                                                                               july onwards
cabbage ( serve, stonehead, ruby king)                                                july to december
calabrese ( volta, penta)                                                                        july to december
carrot ( chantenay, resistafly)                                                                june to october
cauliflower ( graffiti, trevi, navona)                                                        sept/october
courgette ( bambino, siesta)                                                                  july/august
coriander ( calypso)                                                                               july onwards
chicory ( puntarelle of brindisi)                                                               july to november
celery ( solid white)                                                                                october/november
hamburg parsley root berliner                                                                july to november
cucumber ( burpless tasty green)                                                          august
fennel ( zephyr fino)                                                                               july/august
garlic ( vallelado, sabadrome,chesnok,lautrec)                                     june to december
leeks ( alcazar, mammoth 2 hannibal)                                                   october to december
lettuce ( leny, mohican)                                                                          june to august
onion ( red baron)                                                                                  august onwards
parsley ( italian giant)                                                                             july onwards
potato ( charlotte, pink fir, marfona)                                                       june onwards
parsnip ( gladiator)                                                                                 october onwards
radish ( pink beauty)                                                                              may to september
raperonozolo rampion                                                                           august to october
agretti roscano                                                                                       june to august
rocket ( discovery, wild)                                                                         may onwards
salsify ( scorzanera black)                                                                     september
spinach  ( f1 reddy )                                                                               june to september
sweetcorn ( headstart, incredible)                                                          august to september
squash ( rolet, crown prince, butternut, sunset, onion)                          late sept onwards
tomato ( nepal, black cherry, zapotech, shirley`s pixie, gardeners delight, cuostralee)                                                                                                                                       july to sept
mangetout                                                                                               july to september
runner bean ( scarlet emperor)                                                               july to september
rosemary                                                                                                 year round                      thyme                                                                                                      year round
celeriac( giant prague)                                                                            sept onwards
oriental mixed leaf salad                                                                         year round