Radley Cross Foliage

We aim over the next few years to develop a range of foliage. Doing particularly well and showing great promise is Physocarpus. A beautifully leaved deciduous hardy shrub with lovely long upright stems and beautiful colours. The following is a list of some of the shrubs that we are currently experimenting with. 


Senecio 'sunshine'

Evergreen bushy shrub that forms a mound of silvery grey leaves, slowly becoming darker as the year progresses. Available year round

Physocarpus 'Darts Gold' and 'Diable D'or'

The Darts Gold has oval lobed golden yellow leaves on long straight stems and the Diable has lovely bright purple lobed leaves on long stems.

Pittosporum tennufolium

Good long lasting foliage when cut. Small waxy leaves with crinkled edges on long slender stems.

Cornus alba or (red dogwood)

Grown for their brightly coloured stems, in winter these can be very useful to add structure and colour to any arrangement.

Prunus laurocerasus ( or common cherry laurel )

This common evergreen shrub with its large,oblong, bright green glossy leaves can be used as a great filler for larger arrangements all year round

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