Market Garden vegetables, flowers and foliage.

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 Radley Cross is a Market Garden near South Molton, North Devon,  growing niche crops of vegetables, flowers and foliage. We have green, smoked and dried garlic, Pink Jerusalem Artichokes, Pink Fir Apple Potatoes, crosnes, Hamburg Parsley Root, Italian chicory (cicoria) and kalettes to name a few and also a range of more traditional vegetables but always tried and tested varieties that have to pass the taste test.

We continue to develope our range of seasonal  English flowers which now amount to over ninety different varieties from Larkspur, Sweet pea, Statice, Rudbekia, Scabious and Zinnia to  delicious scented pinks.

Our foliage hedge ,planted four years ago is starting to produce interesting colours and forms with Red Dogwood, Physocarpus, Pittisporum and many others which add depth and form to our summer bouquets.

We practice  an agricultural system that is as sustainable as possible, without the use of pesticides, fungicides or manufactured fertilizers.   Green manure crops, such as Phacelia, Mustard, Buckwheat, vetch and clover are used year round to encourage diversity and improve soil fertility and structure. We use a seven year rotation one of which is fallow, allowing for a space to to get a bit of weed control and grow green manures.

 Call us on 01769 550639 or 07841 701244 for more details.

 Our mission

  • To grow good quality vegetables, flowers and foliage.
  • To supply the local market with fresh, locally grown flowers and vegetables.
  • To use sustainable growing techniques and practices that encourage biodiversity
  • To supply niche markets
  • To sell high quality products to discerning customers
  • To create a vibrant, interesting,enjoyable, ethically sound business that benefits us and the people involved with us